Chocolate Wafers

Raw cacao in it’s most delightful form

These little chocolate treats are easy to make up and can be stored in the freezer to enjoy anytime. Cacao which is chocolate in it’s raw form has components that can increase serotonin, so reaching for some chocolate to lift our mood can actually work, just make sure it’s the healthy kind without all the additives and refined sugars. Feel free to add whatever topping to these you like; nuts, seeds, dried fruits or shredded coconut make wonderful toppings.These also make great gifts, so make up a couple batches at a time and give to friends!

What you will need: saucepan, stainless steel bowl, mixing spoon, teaspoon, wax paper, cookie sheet or platter that will fit in your freezer to freeze them on.

Makes about 30 wafers (1 tsp each)


  • 90 g cacao butter
  • 50 g raw cacao powder (about 3/4 cup)
  • 60 g honey or maple syrup (about 1/3 cup)
  • Toppings of choice: sunflower or pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries or any other dried fruit, shredded coconut: about 2 – 3 tbsp each


  1. Make a double boiler by heating up some water in a medium sized saucepan and placing a stainless steel bowl on top, make sure the bowl is the right size to sit on top of the pan without it touching the bottom. It can be slightly above or immersed in the water.
  2. Grate or finely chop the cacao butter and place in the bowl above the water.
  3. Add cacao powder and honey or maple syrup to the bowl and stir until melted and combined. You can turn off the heat once it starts melting.
  4. Line a cookie sheet or large freezer container with wax paper and spoon on the melted chocolate with a teaspoon to make the wafers.
  5. Sprinkle on the toppings of your liking and place in the freezer to set for about 30 minutes.
  6. Once set you can remove the wafers and put into a smaller container, either storing in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy!

By. Susanna Deering, RHN