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Susan Poulin, CAP

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Certified Aromatherapy Professional

As a Certified Aromatherapy Professional, Susan is passionate about natural, holistic wellness and has great enthusiasm for educating people about how essential oils can play a role the well being of ones mind, body & spirit. Aromatherapy is much more powerful than just observing pleasant scents, the therapeutic properties the plants contain can assist in treatment of a multitude of health issues and conditions. Susan works with your case using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to create your personalized transformative blend(s).

Susan lives in Cambridge with her husband, 3 children, dog and 2 cats. She loves going for walks and being in nature (when its not too cold out) and going camping with the family in the summer to enjoy lazy days at the beach and fun relaxing evenings by the campfire & stargazing.

Certified Aromatherapy Professional