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Growing in popularity and being rediscovered by Western Medicine, the ability to improve well-being and heal is especially helpful for those suffering from traumatic experiences, mental illness or taking on life changes resulting from illnesses.

Meditation harnesses the minds healing power by calming and focusing it on what matters to you. By guiding your energy in a supportive, safe environment, the mind can release tension and burdens that impede personal well-being. In this process, space is created to adjust ones perspective and balance your emotional state.

Meditation classes at TruChange are held Wednesday evenings in a friendly, inviting environment. No experience is required, only an open and supportive mind. You will be guided by Sherri Dmyterko through a seated meditation that will help you to relax, breathe more deeply, and leave you feeling calm and balanced.


Fee Schedule
15 for 90min
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When it can help

  • >Post Concussion
  • >Cancer Treatments
  • >Traumatic Life events
  • >PTSD
  • >Mental Illnesses
  • >Depression
  • >Anxiety
  • >Stress