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Developed in China thousands of years ago, acupuncture has many applications today. Originally designed to balance the energy channels in your body called meridians, modern researchers have now found that acupuncture promotes blood flow, decreases inflammation, and stimulates nerve endings to alter the signalling in your brain. Acupuncture can be used to balance hormones, promote weight loss, help with stress, anxiety and depression, improve digestion and help you quit smoking, amongst many other applications.

When it can help

  • >Anxiety
  • >Depression
  • >Stress
  • >Irritable bowel syndrome
  • >Crohn’s
  • >Ulcerative colitis
  • >Acid reflux
  • >Asthma
  • >Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • >Sinus congestion
  • >Headaches
  • >Joint pain
  • >Arthritis
  • >Low back pain
  • >Shoulder pain
  • >Neck pain
  • >Urticaria
  • >Smoking cessation
  • >Addictions
  • >Weight loss
  • >Diabetes
  • >High blood pressure
  • >High cholesterol
  • >Post-concussion syndrome
  • >Fertility
  • >Hormone balance
  • >Menstrual pain
  • >Heavy and/or irregular menstruation
  • >Hot flashes
  • >Thyroid conditions
  • >Cough and colds
  • >Allergies
  • >Autoimmune diseases
  • >Insomnia
  • >Eczema