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Frequently Asked Questions

With Open Pay, is the service level reduced to limit costs?
What is the difference between Open Pay and Pay-What-You-Can?
Are tests and other products included?
Is Massage Therapy included?
Do you have payment guidelines for Community Care Mondays?
Can I give something other than Money?
Can I come two Mondays in a row?
Are elderly and children patients eligible?
What if I am not currently a patient?
Do I book an appointment or walk-in?
Why do you offer Community Care Mondays?

Being part of a community means to care for it. Sometimes this means you ask for help, and other times you give the help you can. We feel extremely fortunate to be part of the community and receive the support we have. It has enabled us to make a difference in thousands of lives. However during this time we have met those who have been challenged by financial circumstances such as the loss of a job, limited or no benefits or simply operating on a tight budget.

In these circumstances, we understand that a helping hand can sometimes seem out of reach. This is why we started our community care initiative. Each Monday, our Naturopathic Care is available to you in an Open Pay format. This means that we will not bill you for any Naturopathic services. The choice is yours if you choose to make a deposit into our survey box with one of our discrete blank envelops. Our choice is to provide you the care you need.

What services are offered on Mondays?

Only Naturopathic Care is offered as part of Community Care Mondays. This includes services such as:

How do I share this service with others?

A great place to start is to refer them to our website, or better yet help them come in on Monday.

Whether you are part of a faith group, community support service or a charity, we’re here to help. Let us know that you are part of a group and we will provide you with promotional materials you need to get the word out.